A landmark week

This is quite a big week in the life of this project (and in my life too!).  We received the paperwork from our Grenadian lawyer which confirms that we are Alien Landholders and owners of our little piece of the Caribbean.

Our conveyance looks like something from a Dickens novel

Tomorrow I say goodbye to my friends and colleagues at Cadent Gas, and possibly bring to an end my 30 year career as a lawyer.  I say possibly as there may well be a need to resume it at some point depending on how the budget holds out – so let’s hope the wifi is good enough for a bit of remote working if need be.

Tomorrow we should also be completing the purchase of our little foothold in the UK, being a 2-bed flat in Lichfield, having sold our 4-bedroom home in Sutton Coldfield to fund the Carriacou project.  Three days later we will be heading off on a very badly timed holiday in the US – the only excuse for this is that the timing is out of our hands as we are going out for the total solar eclipse and Martin has been looking forward to this for at least 6 years.  However, a tour of the deep south has also been tagged on, for which I have no excuse except I have always wanted to see it.

So, exciting times ahead – I admit to being a bit scared at times.  This is not a small change in our lives and it remains to be seen how it works out.  But however that is, we can never look back and say “what if”. . . . . .