And onto the next phase

With the departure of our container bound for Carriacou, the ‘buy everything you might need’ phase of this adventure has concluded to be continued with the ‘use all this stuff to make a place people want to stay’ phase.

There is, of course, a little-talked-about intervening phase called ‘let’s pay lots of money to the Grenadian government for them allowing us the privilege of putting all our nice stuff in their country’ …but the less said about that the better.

The container contains hopefully everything we will need and all this stuff will hopefully arrive undamaged. There is boring stuff like toilets, basins, wardrobes, kitchen units, cookers, fridges, lights, solar panels, etc with all the associated bits like cables, pipes, taps and switches. There are also slightly nicer, more interesting things, like a new sofa bed, recliners, bedding, and towels that hopefully work together reflecting a suitably tropical colour scheme that befits the location.

And lastly there are the odd  few quirky items being things we know we can’t buy locally like Fray Bentos pies and a decent tin opener.

This part of the story would not be complete without huge thanks to Craig, Mani, Karen and all the other magnificent staff at Access Self Storage in Erdington who have obliged us with small favours, been accommodating enough to sign for on our behalf, and look after, numerous deliveries, they have also shown interest and enthusiasm in this mad adventure of ours and generally looked after us.

The best place in the world to store your stuff