Amelia (Boaty)

The Amelia (AKA Boaty McBoatface) is the main cargo boat for Carriacou. Small stuff arrives along with the passengers on the daily Osprey, but anything seriously big or heavy arrives on the twice weekly Amelia which takes around four hours from mainland Grenada (about half the speed of the Osprey ferry).

Last week our container arrived which was extremely exciting to unload it and have all our things along with the stuff we had purchased to finish and kit out the main house and the holiday flat.

My bicycle was among the stuff shipped so I’m now on two wheels when I do my daily and sometimes twice daily trips to the house.

Last Saturday our galvanised metal roofing panels arrived which a team from Grenada are fitting this week.

There are a huge number of colours to choose from and most people here seem to like something bright like red or blue, but we wanted the house the blend in with the hillside so we have picked a greyish green.

Sadly the green we’ve ended up with is rather brighter than the one we chose despite allegedly having the same name.

Such is life that sometimes you just have to concede and chill, it’s still a roof.