The end of the beginning………?

I knew we wouldn’t be able to resist making another post!

It’s an exciting week for us.  Our new website has finally launched after changing developers 3 times 🙄 – it still has a few minor imperfections but importantly does take online bookings and payments.  Take a look and see what you think:









You can also find us on TripAdviser, HomeAway and Airbnb.

We welcome our first paying guests on 1 December and have one or two further bookings too, which given that we have held off doing much promotional work whilst waiting for the website to come online, we are quite pleased about.

We are only recently back from a few weeks in the UK to stock up and ship a few more goodies for both the apartment and our own home.  Our side of the building feels like it needs some TLC compared to the apartment, which is looking fab!  Once our first guests have been and gone and our barrel arrives from the UK we shall hopefully be able to spend time working on our side – not least, putting up the Christmas tree 😄.  Oh, and I have a birthday coming  up too, so hopefully might be allowed a day off work!

The wires have now been installed on the verandah and balcony after a lengthy wait – unfortunately there was a mix up and only sufficient arrived to do the apartment, so we still await them for our house.  But at least our guests will be safe!

Martin has worked hard on the small garden area outside the rear of the apartment and it is now looking quite pretty, with potted plants dotted about.  However before Christmas it should look better still as we have appointed a local guy, Barrington Jobby, to pave the area with pebbles – we have seen his work on Facebook and it looks super!  We can then start thinking about what to do with our own garden which currently looks like an unpaved carpark!!

So, a few finishing touches to complete over the next couple of days and then we will be keeping everything crossed that our guests like it here as much as we do.  Wish us luck!!