Pools, pickle, birthdays and loafing about!

Its about time we brought you up to date since the arrival of the container!

I arrived back on the island around 2 weeks ago, much to the delight of both of us and in time to celebrate Martin’s 60th birthday with him.  We had had a celebration with family and friends before he came out here so we kept it low key, but had a really lovely meal at the local Slipway restaurant.

Work has been progressing well despite the absence of the boss (me! 😄).  The builders have been busy with rendering the walls and stairs and with painting the inside of the roof upstairs which is a slow and painstaking task.  The beams in the ceiling are white, and between the beams is what is called “pickle” here, but what many would know as a “wash”.  They are doing it beautifully which takes time, but as the ceilings downstairs are flat, once they can move down there we hope progress will be faster.  Tiles should start going down very shortly which will be great as we can then start moving furniture into place and constructing the kitchens etc.

Martin has made great progress with the electrics and now wants to crack on with the plumbing and the bathrooms.

We have now settled on some lovely bifold doors for our upstairs living space and are currently discussing with Sky the logistics and finances around having a small pool built whilst the men and machinery are still up on site.  Its going to stretch the budget but we feel it would add to the appeal of our lovely accommodation, particularly as it will be sited with a view over the beautiful White, Saline, Frigate and Large islands.

There is a limit to what I can do to help out at the moment so I am “keeping house” and otherwise loafing about!!  However I am optimistic of having some remote work coming my way over the next week or two which would keep me out of mischief, and bolster the finances.  Otherwise I am just itching to get to the point of being able to turn our house into a home.

Sky has suggested we could move in around early July – we are hoping that is the case although are a little doubtful.  Watch this space!!

Hard at work on the ceiling of the “sunset” verandah
The front verandah looking towards Tyrell Bay
Our living room with door to the upstairs “powder room” and stairwell to the bedroom level.
The front verandah looking towards the islands and Grenada