A Grand Day Out

For a change we thought we’d do a post which is not related to the house build.  We had a day off yesterday and went on a wonderful trip courtesy of Sherwin at Lambi Queen – all in the name of research of course!  

Leaving Tyrell Bay by boat we picked up 2 other guests from Hillsborough and then headed out towards Union Island and the Grenadine archipelago.  Kenneth piloted the boat with expertise and proved to be a friendly and informative guide, regularly checking we were happy (which we were!).

Our transport for the day

First stop was Palm Island for swimming.  Palm Island is an exclusive resort island where there is no internet or telephones and guests request services by putting up a flag over their villa.  Given guests are paying US$1000 per night we could go no further than the beach to avoid trespassing on their privacy and chose to move on fairly quickly.

Palm Island
Palm Island

Passing Petit Tabac (the island on which Jack Sparrow was abandoned in Pirates of the Caribbean) we arrived in Tobago Cays Marine Park (http://www.tobagocays.org/).  Having moored up, we first did a light hike (in flip flops!) to spot iguanas and admire the stunning views.  

Petit Tabac (or Jack Sparrow Island!)

View over to Canouan

Returning to the boat we donned flippers and snorkels and had a fantastic time swimming with turtles and admiring huge starfish on the ocean bed which looked like elaborately embroidered cushions.  It was wonderful to see the turtles quietly grazing on the seabed and looking, quite rightly, at home!  An under water camera is definitely something we want to take with us next time to capture these beautiful sights – at least it gives us an excuse to go back!

We then moved on to Petit Bateau and had a couple of hours to stroll around, swim and snorkel before being served a fantastic lunch which included the freshest and most delicious red snapper, marinated chicken and plenty of side dishes.  A couple of rum punches also helped lunch slip down nicely!

Petit Bateau – lunch stop!

There had to be one!

Next stop was Saltwhistle Bay on Mayreau.  Here there were various stalls selling sarongs and t-shirts along with a few bars.  A pina colada at “The Last Bar Before The Jungle” was most welcome, followed by another swim in this beautiful setting.

Saltwhistle Bay

Final stop of the day was at Happy Island which is not really an island, but a bar in the sea just off Union Island.  Inside you can see photos of how the bar has developed over the years from a small pile of stones to the brightly coloured bar and restaurant it is today.

Happy Island

Finally we headed for home – very happy, tired and sun kissed after a truly fabulous day out.  A trip we will certainly recommend to all our guests!  We hope it tempts you to come and stay with us.